The PiConsole is a tribute to the legendary PS1 console, being a functional PS1-inspired RaspBerry Pi case. The casing fits a RaspBerry Pi 3 and with emulation software such as RetroPie or Recalbox you are able to play all the retro games from the past.
You can plug in your controllers in the front, the eject button gives you access to a hidden SD-slot and the power button will fire up the RaspBerry Pi. The reset button will safely reboot your RaspBerry Pi. All electronics work through a self-written script which can be downloaded through our website.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 compatible
  • Front USB controllers
  • Oldskool game inserting
  • Unlimited amount of games
  • Ventilation
On to the technical side of things, what features are build into the PiConsole?

Raspberry Pi 3 compatible

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful computer that enables us to play retro games from the past. The connectors of the Raspberry Pi 3 are easily accessible through the side and back of the PiConsole. The kit does not come with a RaspBerry Pi, but this gem is easily obtained through the power of the interwebs.

Front USB controllers

When it comes to gaming on consoles, the controller plays an essential role. That’s why the PiConsole comes with USB connectors on the front so you can plug in your controllers simple and easy like you’re used to. Any USB controller will do, plenty of them available!

Oldskool game inserting

You used to open the lid by pressing the eject button, put your CD in and closed the lid again when you wanted to play a game. To recreate this nostalgic feeling, we designed a functional eject button that actually opens the lid. When the lid is open, a hidden SD-slot is revealed in which you can insert your SD card with all your favorite games.

Power Up!

How many times did you press the power button and hear that magical sound? How awesome would it be to fire this baby up the same way? Yes you can.

Unlimited amount of games

Did we say unlimited? Yes! The Raspberry Pi 3 is perfectly capable of emulating PS1 games, as well as other retro games, with emulation software such as RetroPie or Recalbox. You can download emulators and ROM files online, as long as you are not infringing any copyright.

What you get

We tried to keep the rewards as simple as possible. The PiConsole comes as a DIY kit, which is easily assembled. You will receive the plastic injection-moulded casing including all custom PCBs, screws, screwdriver and rubber pads.
Please note that the RaspBerry Pi, SD card or Pi Fan are not included, as these can be widely purchased online. Software to run the kit is included and will be available for download on our website, including a short tutorial how to implement the script.

My story, my team

Most of my freetime I spend with gaming and making music. It all began when I got my first console. Gaming can give excitement, happiness and even fear or sadness. It’s like playing your own character as the lead role in a movie. I was a pro skater in my youth, for example, in the world of Tony Hawk’s pro skater 4. And when I was tired of my career as a skater, I began fighting my way through the ranks of becoming a Duel Monsters master in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories. I have a lot of good memories playing these games and I can imagine I’m not the only one with such fond memories. That’s why I didn’t want this homage to be a one off product only for me to enjoy. I wanted to share it with everyone who feels the same way as I do. Why not pay the same respect to the one I love?
In my daily life I'm a professional product designer for a small engineering firm in The Netherlands, designing products for mass production. I work together in a team of 5 mechanical- and electrical engineers. We have over 10+ years experience in product design projects, which often includes plastic injection molding, some in the gaming industry. My team supported me by working on this project together, providing me the time, resources and production facilities. Retro Geeks is our playground for in-house developed geeky creations. We like to be creative, have fun in what we do, but most of all, we try to make the world a better place with the products we develop.
We now have a working prototype, finished CAD models and production standing-by. The only thing missing are the funds to mass produce this product.